Wednesday, January 19, 2011


For my readers today I am going home on thursday night after I have basketball practice for upward, I am really thankful that my dad who has lung cancer is doing so well, he has the best attitude despite all that he has gone through. I am glad I will see the place I call home, Coker, AL. For all the old school tuscaloosa folks, this elephant reminded me of BAMA BINO'S #JUSTSAYIN


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Directional Worship Leader

First off, I really appreciate Google, it is there I find my pictures to upload. I thought this arrow was pretty cool looking. Anyway, on to the blog for today the directional worship leader. The Music man, song leader guy, music director, Minister of Music, Music Pastor, on and on so many different names for the worship guy, and with so many names typically you see within our churches today many different directions the worship is going on Sunday. Usually the worship is geared towards the people and what they like, songs they have heard before and found under the umbrella of "AUDIENCE OF ONE" Really? you got tio be kidding me right? Sadly no, worship leaders are often pushed, forced, guided, ect to please the folks. Cliche I know but to fully exalt Christ on Sunday is hard. It takes a lot of preparation, that begins first in the prayer and mediation's of the worship leaders heart, from there is born into something that exalts Christ...many will say a good music minister, worship guy, meets the needs of the people, but if we get honest, a good worship guy or gal, channels the heart of God to the people inviting the presence of God into the sanctuary. Read Exodus 40...the whole chapter. Preparation leads to the cloud of glory.

Come Down to Us,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Somethings Are Just Amazing

Today is pretty simple, Jesus had His Judas, and so do we...You may think we don't see you, but we know you are there. Have your fun. Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

You'll be my footstool,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Show

I wanted to get Fridays blog done today, tomorrow I have much to do. Today (Friday) or whenever you read this my mind thinks back to the many different approaches I have taken to worship leading, prepared, under prepared, prayed up, not so prayed up, high energy to worshipful, and the one thing I was called once was showy, because I was lighting up the piano, going off on it if you will.. Worship leaders sadly are musicians and sadly we feel the need to shine and stick out, to me great worship leaders, sit at the feet and they equip the team around them and they step out of the spotlight, I think so many want to be tomlin or stanfill, both great worship leaders, but to me the question is when you look back on Sunday, who did you take with you? who have you poured into that week? All great questions and my last point to share is that worship leading is not a show and your church folks can tell. The pulpit stage platform what ever you call it is always naked

Signs of the showy worship leader are

1. loud singing
2. all you hear is the worship leader
3. loud playing
4. center of stage blowing everyone away
5. long piano or guitar interludes
6. overall pride fullness
7. the over spiritual (yes there is such a thing) being too preachy***u are there to lead worship not preach, just a pet peeve of mine
8. same songs that always feature you
9. lack of team input
10. attitude of it all falls back on me
11. sing songs that only you like
12. the church family is not singing 2 things happen in worship participation and observation, if the church is observing they are watching a show

Be careful of the show, God honors a pure heart, and your best effort, not your greatest "new" idea and your opinions of how it should be and what you think "great" worship is.

Forget the Show,

2ND Chance

Today, I am reminded of the great preacher Jerry Falwell, a man of great faith and wisdom. He was also a man who believed not only in a 2nd chance but the 52nd chance as well. Falwell believed in the forgiveness of God Almighty and to keep working at it until you get it...I think as a minister I have finally gotten to a place where I understand and get the it... putting aside jealousies, being comfortable with who I am as a person, with my skill sets and abilities, I have not arrived by any meas, but I do get the it I have been searching for. To share my heart is simply this, there are positions I have messed up, there are thoughts I have had of others, but I am thankful for those situations, grief and strife, I finally get it , and it is to me a 15 year ministry milestone so what have I learned

1. People in general have issues eve church people
2. Ministers are called to love, no matter the issue
3. All those things you think and the roller coaster your mind is taking you, get off the crazy cycle
4. If you work hard you will succeed
5. it's ok to say you don't know how
6. The decisions of today, effect the consequences of tomorrow
7. Spend time with God daily and he will bless the prayer closet
8. Get over your past
9. Think before you speak
10. Less is best
11. it is what it is

Looking forward to a Second Chance Somewhere,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today I want to converse over application and the lack there of. We fill out applications and tell the hopefully future employer all about ourselves. Our credentials, what we can do. Here is the written information on me. Often as I think about scripture and application, many seem to have the idea that it is a gospel according to me, and how can I twist it to work for me. The Gospel is true, is what it is and there for application not a suggestion but a way living. Apply all of it to your life, not just what works for you. And many today love the Jesus Savior part, but holiness, righteousness, self control OH and my favorite LOVE... oh how we struggle.

Worship the Lord Living by His Word,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Can't Win For losing

You name it, and I've been called it over the past 30 something days, given my loyalties to the pig skin, a Bammer, a Fanatic, obnoxious Alabama fan...over the simplicities of college football. I amazes me the amount of so called "stock" folks will put into where your loyalties lie, then throw in your position and there is even more banter to share. It is to me utterly amazing how folks can I switched over to appease a few, and have had the "other side" begin there crazy as it may sound I have learned something from this, being sold out to whatever it is be it faith, family, or football, folks will get upset, and use the term fanatical..

Roll Ducks Roll,